Ærnketel and Wulfrun


Charter of Ærnketel and Wulfrun His Wife

I, Ærnketel, and Wulfrun my wife give notice to King Æthelred our lord and to all his people of York and of Nottingham but we have granted and have confirmed by this present Charter to God and St Mary and St Benedict of Ramsey after our death our land at Hickling and land at Kilvington with the rent and service in the same way as it is held in our Lordship.  Moreover, we wish that at the end of our days our bodies may rest in a grave in the same place, if it pleases God, and wherever either one of us may come to the end of life, that the brothers of Ramsey will come and at their own expense and that of our friends will bear away the body of the deceased to be entombed at Ramsey. 

And I, Ærnketel, wish that as the price of my entombment and the salvation of my soul they may come to the church at Ramsey 15 pounds in silver and gold and chattels which will be found in my possession on the day of my death.  And for the salvation of the soul of my aforesaid wife and for the entombment of her body my land at Lockington with all it's chattels which may be found on it will revert to the same church.  Moreover I, Wulfrun, decree that every single year of my life, on the feast of St Benedict reaches in summer, there will be procured for that same church as a mark of respect 10 measures of malt and five of groats and five measures of wheat flour and eight hams and 16 cheeses and too fat cows from my land at Hickling; and at the beginning of Lent eight sturgeon.  Therefore, whoever  dares to rescind this grant will to change it, may he be condemned to eternal punishment in the sight of God on the day of judgement unless he makes amends for his rashness by a suitable penance. Nor should it be permittedfor any Bishop or monk to exchange these lands for gold or silver, but rather let them always remain in the possession of the church to which we have taken pains to confirm them by this charter.

To this father and mother was born a boy of good disposition, Athelstan, who afterwards became the fourth Abbot of Ramsey church.