Bodsey House


This photograph shows the three prominent chimney stacks of the 15th, 16th and 17th Century.  The one on the left is the earliest, that of the kitchen, it has a stone base with set-offs, above which is a brick stack ending in three tall detached diagonal shafts.

 The next in date is that serving the dining room and bedroom over.  It is similar to the earlier one but is largely of  brick and has three diagonal detached shafts.  This on the right of the photograph. 

The third, in the east wall of the chapel building and serving the drawing room and bedroom above, only emerges at roof level.  It has two brick flues in one stack but no shafts and an added rectangular chimney rises against its northern side.  This is not the single chimney stack seen in the front of the photograph, but the one just seen above the roofline to the left.

Finally, though all the roofs are now tiled they were doubtless originally thatched, the tiling and the curved wooden barge boards being of the 19th century.