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Broughton church 1/8/2018 Doom and Last Judgement paintings
Ramsey Abbey Censer 5/11/2017 Recent Censer Photos
Latest Developements 8/10/2017 Chapter House
Chancel 4/10/2017 The lectern
Menu 20/10/2016 Timeline
Library 9/10/16 Mutton Gate Huntingdon
Interesting facts 11/07/2016 Conjectural Sketch of Abbey Layout
London Property 31/05/2016 Abbot of Ramsey's London House 1520
Interesting Facts 1/03/2015 Aquaduct
Interesting Facts 1/03/2015 Clock House
Great Whyte Tunnels 16/10/2014 Tunnels
Interesting Facts 12/06/2014 Ramsey Abbey Employees
Conjectural Layouts of Ramsey Abbey 02/12/2013 Latest Developments of Ramsey Abbey
Interesting Facts 02/12/2013 Abbey Precincts 2008 Report
Ramsey Abbey Buildings 08/08/2013 Abbey Building Periods
Conjectural Layouts of Ramsey Abbey 06/06/2013 Ramsey Abbey Conjectural Plan
Interesting Facts 17/02/2013 Knights of Ramsey
Bedfordshire Land 13/01/2013 Clapham
  13/01/2013 Clifton
  13/01/2013 Cranfield
  13/01/2013 Little Barford
Benefactors and Benefactions 15/11/2012 King Edgar
    Archbishop Oswald
John Lawrence 9/08/2102 The Final Years of Ramsey Abbey
Abbey Gatehouse 17/04/2012 Abbey and Hinchingbrooke 1730
Interesting Facts 14/03/2012 Ramsey Nunnery
Ramsey 1310 Psalter 30/1/2012 First Pages
    Two full Page Miniatures
    The Perpetual Calendar
    Historiated Initials
    Litany of the Saints
    Last Pages
    Psalter Video
Benefactors and Benefactions 25/10/2011 Ethelstan Mannessone
  5/10/2011 Countess Ethelgifu
  5/10/2011 Countess Wulfgifu
Thomas a Becket Church 18/9/11 Hospital or Guesthouse
Interesting Facts 5/6/2011 Abbey Precincts



Abbey Toilets



Mercia Map

Matthew Paris 8/3/2011

Great Britain Map c 1250

Abbots 7/3/2011 Matthew Paris
Meres 17/1/2011 Censer and Incense Boat
Interesting Facts 15/10/2010 Coffins
Ethelstan  28/9/2010 Ailwyn
Foundation Page  22/9/2010 Ethelstan
Main Page Menu   5/9/2010 Interesting Facts
Links Page  15/6/2010 The Ramsey Initiative
Barnack Quarry  14/5/2010 Barnack Hills and Holes
Library 14/5/2010 Manuscript Photos
Main Page  28/4/2010 St Thomas Becket Tower
Thomas Becket Church 25/4/2010 Chancel, Nave,
The Town   11/4/2010 Ramsey Abbey History
Causeway   17/1/2010 Causeway
Buildings    17/1/2010 Gatehouse Gallery
  17/1/2010 Bodsey
Cromwell Family 5/11/2009 Hinchingbrooke House
Buildings 25/10/2009 Conjectural Layouts, Dickinson Abbey Plan
Links 15/10/2009 Ramsey Abbey Walled Garden, Ramsey Town
Land :-    
  30/9/2009 London
  06/9/2009 Longstowe
  31/7/2009 Barford
  19/6/2009 Clapham
  17/6/2009 Cranfield
  29/4/2009 Cambridge
  19/4/2009 Over
  03/3/2009 Elsworth,
    Fen Drayton
  01/3/2009  Graveley
  22/2/2009 Chatteris
  25/1/2009 Burwell