Ramsey Abbey Psalter

The ten full page miniatures, shown below,  are now owned by the Pierpont Morgan Library of New York, U.S.A.  These and the other miniatures owned by The abbey St Paul in Austria, formed the complete 1310 Ramsey abbey psalter.

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MS M.302 fol. 1r

MS M.302 fol. 1v

MS M.302 fol.1r MS M.302 fol. 1v MS M.302 fol.2r MS M.302 fol. 2v MS M.302 fol. 3r

MS M.302 fol. 3v

MS M.302 fol. 4r

MS M.302 fol. 4v

MS M.302 fol. 5r

MS M.302 fol. 5v











The artist who created the drawings, it is thought, was a member of a workshop that produced illuminated manuscripts for two other main Benedictine monasteries in the fens, namely Peterborough and Crowland.  He is referred to as the Ramsey Master, and almost certainly produced all the the images shown above.  The style of the Ramsey psalter falls in to the category loosely called 'East Anglian'.

A term which is associated with a boldness and exuberance of invention, especially in marginal illustrations, of manuscripts.

The Ramsey Psalter, however is distinguished from East Anglian psalters by containing a series of full page miniatures.  The series begins with Old Testament scenes, then follows a New Testament cycle, which ends with Death, Assumption and Coronation of the Virgin.

The last miniatures before the beginning of the psalter text comprise the group whose subjects pertain to Ramsey Abbey.  This sequence of miniatures are split between The Pierpont Library above and The Abbey of St Paul in Lavanthal.  The miniatures above, marked with the blue border, are the ones specific to Ramsey Abbey.

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