St Ivo

St Ivo was believed to be a Persian Bishop who had travelled throughout Europe, eventually reaching England.  He came into the province of Mercia, to a town called Huntingdon and then onto Slepe where he settled until his death, which is said to be about AD 600.  (ref 18)

This information comes to us through the Life and Miracles of St Ivo by Goscelin, which was written towards the end of the eleventh century.  Although he claimed to be abridging a Life written by Abbot Wythman who had travelled to Jerusalem in 1020 and on his return wrote down all he new about Ivo, who had been famous in Greece. 

The  essence of the story tells us that Bishop Ivo, began his life in Persia.  He left his home as an exile and went through the world looking for the eternal Kingdom.  Wherever he arrived, he brought peoples and nations to the Saviour with his preaching, good works and miracles.

After he had travelled through Asia, Rome, traversing countless cities and meeting many people, he entered Gaul.  There he stayed for a while, before travelling across the sea to Albion (England).


(ref 17)

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