The Vision

The Vision
The forenamed illustrious man Ailwyn, suffering frequently and severely with the gout in his feet, had at length a promise of health, by a certain fisherman of his, named Wlfget.  Who with his small boat and fishing tackle, went on Ramsey Mere to catch fish for his beforementioned Lord.  Wlfget fishing here and there, but by the predestination of God labouring in vain, and at length wearied, slept in his boat, to whom in a dream Saint Benedict appeared thus speaking, “When the morning dawns, throwing your nets, you will take a multitude of fish, offering the largest of the captured fish, which you call Haked, from me to your Lord Ailwyn say to him, that, taking my gift kindly, he shall build without delay to the pious Mother of mercy, to me, and to all holy virgins a monastery in this island, fitted with necessary offices.  

 That I urge you to make known all these things, repeating word for word, wherefore let him carefully notice in the forementioned place, how the wearied cattle lie down at night, and where he shall see a bull, rising, strike the earth with his right foot, there he may know he is to build an altar with a house for guests.  And that his mind may be clearer and his faith firmer as to these commands being from me; I bend for thee thy outer finger, which lie himself, loosened from the bond of gout and strengthened by a certain sign, shall straighten for thee.”

“Therefore the forementioned fisherman waking as he heard these things, and seeing the day dawning, as had been told him, began to throw his nets, and as the holy father had said, lie inclosed a multitude of fishes, of which choosing the largest as bidden by Saint Benedict he carried it to his master, and told him the things which had been revealed in his dream; and asked him to straighten his finger bent by the Saint. 

Which things Ailwyn taking in with quick intelligence, he straightened the man’s finger, and taking the fish, he gave numberless thanks to the mother of the Lord Jesus Christ, and to Saint Benedict for his blessed word.  The illustrious man rising commanded a horse to be saddled quickly, and going to the island itself, observed how the animals lay, as he was commanded.  Wonderful thing, and wonderful to he related!

When the Duke entered the island, immediately, by the nod of God, he was entirely freed from his stubborn and double disease, he saw his animals lying in the form of a cross, a bull in their midst; and, as formerly to Saint Clement a lamb with his right foot shewed the place of a fountain, so to this man a bull by striking the earth with his foot shewed by Divine permission the place for the position of the future monastery. 

Then the aforesaid man praising God, immediately, trees being cut, began to build a chapeL there with beautiful work, as he had been commanded, and from a chosen plan he built a convent for the future congregation of Monks.  Five years having passed, and eighteen days, I, yielded to the prayers of my venerable friends Dunstan of Canterbury and Oswald of York, Archbishops, and on the 6th of November, in the year of the Incarnation of Our Lord 974 the same Church was dedicated in honour of the blessed Virgin Mary and of the aforesaid Saints. (R.A  Wise and Noble)