1310 Ramsey Abbey Psalter Layout

The list below shows the layout of the original 1310 Ramsey Abbey Psalter, as it would have been, when used by Ramsey Abbey. The Psalter is now split between the Pierpont Museum in New York and the Abbey of St Paul in Lavantthal Austria.

The Pierpont Museum owns the Ten Full Page Miniatures, shown as number 2 below.

Whilst the Abbey of St Paul in Lavantthal Austria, owns all the rest.

Click on each link to go to the appropriate Psalter page.

1 – First pageSecond Page

2 – The Ten full page Miniatures

3 – Two full page Miniatures of the Founding and Benefactors

4 – The Perpetual Calendar

5 – The Psalms with Historiated Initials

6 – Litany of the Saints

7 – Last Pages

Below you can browse through a facsimile of the 1310 Psalter. (ref 35)