2018 was an exciting year.

The year started with continuing surveys using the GPR lent by Cobham Aerospace Connectivity. Unfortunately the surveys did not furnish any tangible results. A wall and the well were identified, but as these were under the car park no further investigation was possible.

Resistivity surveys continued to be conducted across the rest of the site. The results of which can be seen on the ‘Map of the Site‘ page

Some test pits were dug in Area 8a

RACP produced a display for the Ramsey Heritage Day in April, resulting in an influx of new members

Grants and licences having been obtained plans were drawn up for the first large scale excavation. This took place in August. Oxford Archaeology East ran the excavation. A total of 1334 hours were spent on site digging and recording. During the middle weekend of the dig, this site was open for visitors to come and see what was happening. This was very successful.

The OA East report from the excavation can be downloaded from https://library.thehumanjourney.net/4576/

With a bit of luck a slide show of the excavation can be seen below