RACP Investigations

Before RACP started investigation in 2017, there had been several pieces of work in and around the abbey site.

OA East is the new name for Cambridgeshire County Council Archaeological Field Unit and as such OA East has been used throughout.

As far back as 1926 the Royal Commission for Historic Monuments of England recorded the various pieces including earthworks in the north of the abbey precinct. The entry for the abbey can be found at https://www.british-history.ac.uk/rchme/hunts/pp204-211

A Tile Kiln was discovered and excavated in 1966. This was located in what we are calling area 8B.

The report “The Fenland Project Number 6: The South-Western Cambridgeshire Fenlands” by David Hall was published in 1992. It contains a section on Ramsey including the Abbey as well as the more general area. The report (all 27M of it) can be found at https://eaareports.org.uk/publication/report56/

In 1996 Oxford Archaeology East dug 10 test pits in preparation for a new school building. These were situated in the area 4. The proposed building was moved as a result. In 1998 and 2002 OA East returned and excavated further in Area 8A. The resultant report can be found https://library.thehumanjourney.net/3110/

OA East returned in the winter of 2005/spring of 2006 to evaluate the archaeology before the construction of a new school building and the tennis court, later in 2006 they returned to monitor as a new drain and small extension foundations were dug.

A photographic survey of the ice house built within the motte of Booths Hill was undertaken in 2015

RACP started investigations in 2017 and details can be found year by year.

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