2019 started the same way as 2018, walking up and down in fields doing resistivity surveys. Luckily most days the weather was fine. This effort completed the site survey. All 12 hectares, approximately 200 20m squares, 80,000 data points.

OA East performed a drone flyover of parts of the site ( Areas 8A, 2 and 8B) and a digital landscape model was produced as below. The areas in red were the locations for the 2018 excavation

Permission had been sought and granted from English Heritage for 3 test pits against the boundary wall. The pits were

Test pits were dug in Area 2 in June in preparation for the second large scale excavation.

The 2 week excavation again in August, again run by OA East, went ahead in some very windy conditions. The middle weekend was again open to the public, Medieval re-enactors were onsite demonstrating all aspects of mediaeval life and displaying medieval skills. Approximately 1500 people came to see over the weekend.

Cataloguing and marking up the 2018 excavation finds kept RACP busy over the winter.