Abbey Building Periods

Below is a list of Abbots and the building changes, marked in bold, that they made to the Abbey in their times. These are the ones that have been recorded in the book ‘Ramsey Abbey Its Rise and Fall’ by Noble and Wise.  There are bound to be more over the period of the 500 years that the Abbey stood, but there seems to be no records available at this time.

Reginald Tenth Abbot 1114 – 1133

Reginald succeeded in 1114, and after two years began to build a new Church, into which the convent went after seven years (1123). He was Abbot for sixteen years, and then died. He was said to be “a clever but intemperate man”

Hugh de Sulgrave ( Solegrave ) Twentieth Abbot 1254 – 1267

Abbot Hugh began the Refectory, made St Ivo’s Shrine, and a Silver-gilt table for the High Altar. He also purchased Gravenhurst, and aquired many other land tenements and buildings.

William de Gurmecestre Twenty-first Abbot 1267-1285

In 1276 the Abbey first used the new Refectory ( no mention is made of when it had been started ), in the following year William built a costly Conduit, and a new Cistern in the-court a noble reservoir for the water.

He built also a new Abbot’s Hall, and placed a gate in the west side of the court. He made an image for the tomb of Count Ailwyn, founder of Ramsey Abbey, of the clearest brass, subtle in workmanship, very costly and splendid in guilding.

Simon de Eye Twenty-third Abbot 1316 – 1342

Simon purchased land for the Monastery in Hauker, or Howker , and contributed to the new work of the Church, which he is said to have begun ( “who new-built the eastern part of the Church ,”according to Brayley, p . 524), and acquired much more in his time.

He governed the Abbey 26 years and then died. He was buried in the new building on the left side of the high altar.

Robert de Nassington Twenty fourth Abbot 1342 – 1349

Robert de Nassington was elected, and to him the temporalities of the Monastery were restored January 22nd 1342. He did many wonderful things in his life; he was Abbot for six and a half years, and died in 1349, in the time of the Plague. He was buried in the new building on the right side of the altar.

John Tychmerch Twenty-eighth Abott 1419 – 1434

John Tychmerch the Twenty-eighth Abbott was elected in the month of October to the Abbacy, was confirmed as Abbott on the 8th November 1419. He died on the vigil of the Assumption 1434.

He was a noble father, who repaired that which was decayed, and erected new Buildings.

John Stowe Thirtieth Abbott 1436 – 1468

Having governed the Monastery 32 years, and being disabled by age and weakness, he resigned his pastoral staff.

He lived three years after, when he died, and was buried before the altar of St John the Baptist, on the north side of the Church