Abbey Green

Abbey Green is the area of grass between the 15th Century gatehouse and Thomas Becket Church. The Abbey boundary wall forms two sides, the other two sides by Hollow Lane and the High Street

The resistivity survey of the Abbey Green displayed some interesting features

This shows an interesting set of possible features with a possible track alignment extending from the one time causeway, the way in to the abbey from ‘mainland’ to island. The large semi-circular features would appear to be building material but when we used ground penetrating radar over this area the building material appeared fractured. If it is fractured then it would fit with area 2 where we have been finding secondary deposits, that is historical land fill. However, if it is landfill, then it may well be filling semi-circular robbed out foundations which is interesting as round and octagonal towers are a feature of the west façade of some monastic churches. There is a small, around 5 metre square with possible thin and broken building material edges, possibly the remnant of the bell tower which was a feature of the parish church before the church tower was built. Interestingly in the lower sections of the three metre high boundary wall there are two areas of probable medieval wall and we know that the section near the gate is one metre thick.