Area 12A

The two possible areas of archaeology in 12a can be clearly seen divided by a strip of land which appears to be devoid of any material features, the strip of land almost giving the feel of movement on a south east, north west alignment. It may well be that that feel of movement is the residue of flood dispersal or a remnant of glaciation. The largest area, taking up 2/3rds of Area 12a, of possible archaeology, may turn out to be part of an Iron Age field system overlaid with later archaeology, the curving nature of the ditch is reminiscent of an Iron Age field system on the fen edge that WAG surveyed and excavated in 2015. Circular ditches are also synonymous with Saxon sites so there are multiple possibilities. The small area of possible archaeology in the north east corner of 12a is, just like the rest of the eastern section undetermined as there doesn’t appear to be any pattern to the possible archaeological deposits. The only thing to note here is that there appears to a lot of possible targets but as this area is on the outskirts of the site it may well have been a good place to dump the building materials and/or waste from the kiln/s and other industrial and building waste as changes were made to the abbey buildings over its 500 years plus standing on the site (somewhere!) dominating the fen landscape.