Beatus or Letter B

The Beatus or letter “B” from the Ramsey Psalter.
It is believed that the Monks of Ramsey were the first to produce Illuminated Capitals
Record Number: 12179.tif

Shelfmark: Harley 2904

Page Folio Number: f.4

Description: [Whole folio] Beginning of Psalm 1. Elaborate initial ‘B’, with animal-headed interlace at the top and bottom of the shaft; its gold- panelled framework contains acanthus leaf patterns, while the bows, clasped by a mask head, are filled with multicoloured plant scrolls. The initial combines Franco-Saxon letter-form with the leafwork of the ‘Winchester’ School, and was important to the development of English initial decoration

Title of Work: Ramsey Psalter

Author: –

Illustrator: –

Production: England [Winchester]; between 980 and 1000

Language/Script: Latin / –