Hemingford Grey

Hemingford Grey (East Hemingford) was not included in the grant of Hemingford Abbots by Earl Ailwyn to Ramsey Abbey, but was given to the abbey in 1041-2 by Hardecnut and his mother Aelfgiva as 11 hides in Hemingford, for the salvation of their souls and the soul of King Knut. The grant was confirmed (1052-6) by Edward the Confessor at the prayer of Abbot Alfwin. The abbot leased Hemingford with 5 hides in Yelling to Ulfwin son of Alfwin ? for life, and later these hides were held under the abbey by Aluric the sheriff whi was killed at the Battle of Hastings, when the abbey resumed them. By 1086, however, these lands had been seized by Aubrey de Vere, who held them immediately of the crown. Ramsey Abbey never relinquished its claim to the manor, which continued to be entered its feodaries. In the Domesday Book, Ramsey Abbey’s estate here was valued at £3 and consisted of 5 hides. (Ref 25)