High Bridge

We have no information at all about the size of this bridge, all we know is that it was a one arched bridge that rose high in the middle where it crossed the river.  When doing some research about the Ramsey Tunnels, I was given some information about the tunnel construction which enabled me to estimate the span of the bridge, this turned out to be at least 25ft. Its width we do not know except that it was narrow. 

Having looked at the only two Medieval Bridges that exist in this area, namely Huntingdon Bridge and St Ives Bridge. We can get some sizing.  Huntingdon is 17ft wide and the St Ives Bridge is 13ft wide.  So it’s possble Ramsey’s Bridge would be at least 13ft or as wide as 17ft.  We know that in 1841 the  Bridge was widened to the width of the High Street, which was about 24ft. It stayed like this until 1852, when the Bridge was completely demolished to make way for the new culverting scheme.