London Property Owned by Ramsey Abbey

The Abbot of Ramsey held for the Abbey, considerable property in the City of London and gained income from this source, which would have helped maintain the Abbey.

Listed below is property and incomes that I have managed to find.

Hostel of the Abbot of Ramsey, London

” In Beech Lane of old times a great house, pertayning to the Abbot of Ramsey for his lodging, when he repayred to the Cittie. It is now called Drewry House of sir Drewe Drewne, a worshipfull owner thereof ” (S. 304). In Cripple-gate Ward Without.

First mention : 1349 (Ct. H.W. I. 598).

The house of the Abbot of Ramsey in London is mentioned in 1114-30 in the Cartulary of Ramsey Abbey, pp.139 and 140, but it is not clear from these entries whether that house occupied the same position as the one referred to by Stow. It seems possible it may have been somewhere near the Walbrook at that time.

Granted to John Gates 1545 (L. and P. H. VIII. XIX. (1), p.623).

Randall’s Lime Wharf

See Purfleet Wharf.From: ‘Ramsey (Hostel of Abbot of) – Red Bull Wharf’, A Dictionary of London (1918).

Cripplegate Ward Without in the City of London 1392

The Abbot of Ramsey (Rammeshay). From fifteen shops received the income of £3 7s 0d

The Abbot of Ramsey. Owned a manor with six shops [blank]; from a tenement called Vynsentyshyve £2 13s 4d

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