MS M.302 fol. 1r

Reproduced with kind permission of the Pierpont Morgan Library, New York.

In the four compartments we see:

  1. Creation scene – Within the globe divided by a line, Christ-Logos, pearled crossed nimbus, within globe, raises a crescent moon, held in the right hand, and the sun, held in the left hand. Standing in water with fishes, he is flanked by an oak tree with an acorn, on left, and rabbit, ram, ass and ox, on right . Upper half of globe outlined in wavy lines, suggesting heavenly clouds.

2) Eve: Creation – Christ-Logos, pearled crossed nimbus, grasps, with right hand, arm of Eve, joined hands raised, emerging from side of Adam, sleeping, head resting in left hand. Christ-Logos raises left hand above head of Eve, extending thumb, index and middle finger.

3) Adam and Eve: Fall of man – Adam and Eve , each holding fruit to mouth, flank tree with female-headed serpent [Lilith] entwined around trunk. Eve extends third fruit, held in left hand, to Adam, grasping it with his extended right hand.

4) Adam and Eve: Expulsion – With sword held in raised right hand, pearled nimbus, expels Adam and Eve from Paradise, Adam, turning head toward angel, raises right hand. Eve covers face with right hand and genitals with a fig leaf held in left hand.