MS M.302 fol. 2r

Reproduced with kind permission of the Pierpont Morgan Library, New York.

In the four compartments we see:

1) Virgin Mary: Annunciation – Gabriel, holding in left hand scroll inscribed AVE MARIA GRATIA PLENA (Luke 1:28), raises right hand toward Virgin Mary, veiled.  Both figures have pearled nimbi and flank vase with flowers.

2) Christ: Nativity – Virgin Mary, veiled, right hand to face, reclines on pillow and draped mattress before Joseph, wearing hat, seated, holding tau-staff in left hand.  He lifts blanket around Christ Child, pearled nimbus (crossed ?), swaddled, in manger behind which are heads of ox and ass.

3) Magi: Adoration – Youngest magus, beardless, and middle-aged magus, pointing with raised left hand, both holding vessels, stand behind eldest magus, without crown, kneeling.  He lifts lid of vessel held in right hand before Christ Child, crossed pearled nimbus, right hand raised,seated on lap of Virgin Mary, pearled nimbus, crowned, veiled, seated on bench.  She holds round object in left hand.

4) Christ: Presentation – Joseph, wearing hat, holding basket in which are three doves, stands behind Virgin Mary, Pearled nimbus, veiled.  She holds on draped altar Christ Child, pearled nimbus (crossed ?), seated, hands raised toward Simeon ( head mutilated), wearing vestments.  Simeon extends right hand towards Him.  Scenes with patterned backgrounds and within architectural frames decorated with rosettes.