MS M.302 fol. 3r

Reproduced with kind permission of the Pierpont Morgan Library, New York.

In the four compartments we see:

1) Christ: Crucifixion – Christ, crossed pearled nimbus, head inclined, eyes open, blood issuing from wounds, wearing long loin cloth, is affixed with three nails to cross inscribed INRI. Spear pierces his side. To left, Virgin Mary, pearled nimbus, veiled, left hand raised to face, stands behind Longinus, wearing hat, kneeling, left hand indicating eye, right hand raised. Opposite, Stephaton raises sponge on reed to Christ’s mouth and holds bucket in left hand. Evangelist John, pearled nimbus, raised right hand to face.

2) Christ: Deposition – Male figure, on ladder, removes nail from right hand of Christ and right arm of cross with pincers and a hammer, Christ, crossed pearled nimbus, long loin cloth, is lowered from cross by Joseph of Arimathea, wearing cap. Virgin Mary, veiled, grasps His right arm. Opposite, Nicodemus, wearing cap, removes nails from His feet and base of cross. Behind him, Evangelist John, pearled nimbus, looking up, grasps His left arm with right hand and raises left hand.

3) Christ: Entombment – Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus, both wearing caps, lower body of Christ, crossed pearled nimbus, long loin cloth, on shroud into sarcophagus. Behind, Mary Magdalen, nimbed, pours ointment from jar in raised left hand. Evangelist John, pearled nimbus, grasps His left hand.

4) Christ: Resurrection – Christ, crossed pearled nimbus, wearing mantle, staff in left hand, right hand raised, steps from sarcophagus on which two angels, pearled nimbi, kneel. Before sarcophagus are three soldiers, sleeping, wearing armor, armed with decorated shield, halberd, forked weapon, and spear.
Scenes with patterned backgrounds and within architectural frames decorated with rosettes.