MS M.302 fol.3v

Reproduced with kind permission of the Pierpont Morgan Library, New York.

1) Christ: noli me tangere – Besides tree, Mary Magdalen, wearing knotted headdress and wimple,kneeling, extends hands toward Christ, crossed pearled nimbus, wearing mantle, showing wounds. He extends right handand holds cross staff in left hand.

2) Apostle, Thomas: Incredulity – Three apostles, including one holding book, stand behind Thomas, kneeling, left hand raised. Raising left hand, he inserts forefingers of right hand into the wound of Christ, crossed pearled nimbus, grasping right hand of Thomas with His right hand.

3) Christ: Ascension – Christ disappears into clouds, showing only feet above Virgin Mary, pearled nimbus, hands raised before mount. She is flanked by nine apostles, including Peter, tonsured, and Paul, holding book. Two other apostles gesture. Another apostle holds a book.

4) Pentecost – Dove of Holy Ghost, crossed pearled nimbus, descends from clouds toward Virgin Mary, pearled nimbus, left hand on breast, open book with pseudo-inscriptions in right hand on right knee. She is flanked by two groups of six apostles, including Peter, left hand raised, book on lap. Two other apostles gesture. All are seated.

Scenes with patterned background and within architectural frames decorated with rosettes.