MS M.302 fol.4r

Reproduced with kind permission of the Pierpont Morgan Library, New York.

1) Virgin Mary: Coronation – Virgin Mary, pearled nimbus, crowned, joined hands raised, inclines head towards Christ, crossed pearled nimbus, raising right hand above her crown. He holds, in left hand, open inscribed book (see note below) on left knee. Both figures are seated on bench. They are flanked by Evangelist John, book in draped left hand, and John the Baptist, holding disk enclosing Lamb of God, bannered cross-staff in its hoof, in his draped left hand. All figures within architectural frame. In corners above frame, head of nimbed eagle, as evangelist symbol, and head of dove of Holy Ghost, crossed nimbus, wafer in its beak, emerge from clouds above the two Johns. Two angels swing censers above Virgin Mary and Christ.

2) Virgin Mary: Death – Virgin Mary, palm held in right hand, reclines on draped bed behind which is Christ, pearled nimbus, holding partly nude soul of Virgin Mary, decorated nimbus, in His draped left hand, right hand raised. He is flanked by eight apostles, some gesturing, two with decorated nimbi.

3) Virgin Mary: Assumption – Four angels, pearled nimbi, emerging from clouds, support starred mandorla enclosing Virgin Mary, orant. Below, five apostles are behind sarcophagus, three are gesturing, all with pearled nimbi.
Scenes with patterned backgrounds