MS M.302 fol.5r

Reproduced with kind permission of the Pierpont Morgan Library, New York.

In the four compartments we see:

1) Benedict of Montecassino: Scene, preaching – Hand of God emerges from cloudy arc of heaven above Benedict of Montecassino, tonsured, wearing habit, seated, holding crozier in left hand. He raises his right hand towards group of monks, three of them hooded, one holding open book. Above them are buildings, possibly monastery of Montecassino.

2) Benedict of Montecassino: Scene, raising Peasant’s Son, and Benedict of Montecassino: Scene, Vision of World – Benedict, tonsured, wearing habit, holding crozier in left hand, extends right hand toward hooded peasant, kneeling, holding swaddled infant. Amid clouds, rays of sun fall on tripartite globe, representing world (cosmos).

3) Evangelist, John: Conversion of Two Youths – Dove of Holy Ghost, decorated nimbus, descends from clouds toward ear of Evangelist John, pearled nimbus, right hand grasping one of two rods held by two youths, represented three times. He raises his left hand toward two youths again, one holding stones, the other raising hand. In foreground of grass and stream, two youths, one holding gold rod, the other holding coins. Both kneel before the Evangelist.
4) Evangelist, John: Miracle of raising Drusiana – Evangelist John, pearled nimbus, holding book in draped left hand, raises right hand toward Drusiana, raising draped hands. She is seated on draped stretcher. Clouds appear above in corners of frame.
Scenes with patterned backgrounds and within quadripartite frame.