Norman Cross Hundred

Manor in SAWTRY (Saltrede)

7½ hides and ½ virgate of land taxable. Land for 12 ploughs. Now in lordship 2 ploughs on 2 hides of this land;
12 villagers and 3 smallholders who have 5 ploughs.
A church and a priest.
Meadow, 12 acres; woodland pasture 2 furlongs long and 1 furlong wide.
Value before 1066 and now 100s.

Manor in ELTON (Adelintvne)

10 hides taxable. Land for 24 ploughs. As well as the said hides, land in lordship for 4 ploughs. Now in lordship 4 ploughs;
28 villagers who have 20 ploughs. A church and a priest.
2 mills, 40s; meadow, 170 acres.
Value before 1066 £14; now £16.

Manor in LUTTON (Lodintvne)

2½ hides taxable. Land for 2 ploughs. Now in lordship ½ plough.
Edric holds from the Abbot.
Meadow, 12 acres.
Value before 1066, 40s; now 20s.