Ramsey the Rich

This display board can be seen in the Gatehouse of Battle Abbey East Sussex, near the site of the famous Battle of Hastings.

It shows clearly that in 1087 the year of the death of William the Conqueror, Battle Abbey was the 15th wealthiest religious house in England. If you look more closely Ramsey Abbey appears as number 4, which backs up the claims of “Ramsey the Rich”

There is also an extract from the book ‘Fenland Past and Present’ by Miller and Skertchly which shows all the Fenland Religious Houses and their Valuation at the Dissolution, which is very interesting.

An interesting verse about Ramsey Abbey and other Abbeys of the time is shown below.

‘ Ramsey the Rich of Gold and Fee;

Thorney, the Grower of many a fair tree;

Croyland the Courteous of their meat and drink;

Spalding, the Gluttons, as men do think;

Peterborough, the Proud;

Sawtry-by the way-that old Abbey, gave more alms than all they’.