Royal Visits

In 1234 – King Henry III visited Ramsey, the first King of England to do so. He arrived on the feast of St Matthias, and remained for four days.


In 1309 – Isabella de Valois, Queen of England, and daughter of the King of France, stayed eighteen days at Ramsey Abbey, to the great expense of the Abbot.


In 1327 -“The King (Edward III) accompanied by his mother (Isabella), his brother, and his two sisters, had already set out for the North when he issued a proclamation :–‘ All the forces of his kingdom should meet him at Newcastle-on-Tyne, to commence his wars with Scotland ‘ ; it was dated from Ramsey, a village ten miles from Huntingdon” Longman’s Life and Times of Edward 111, vol. 1, p,10

The above took place in 1327, but the R.H. gives us 1309 as the date of Isabella’s eighteen days stay at Ramsey. She may have made two visits ?


In 1330 – Costly Royal visits continued when Queen Isabella of France and Princess Eleanor her Daughter stayed at the Abbey for two days.


In 1334 – The King, Edward III, Queen Isabella and their entire household visited for four days.