In the time of the Domesday Survey (1086) there were 3 churches at Sawtry, one was in the Abbey of Ramsey’s manor (Moynes Manor) dedicated to All Saints.

The manor of Sawtry Moyne (at one time called Sawtry Bellels ?), or the lands of which the manor was formed, was one of the earliest endowments of Ramsey Abbey, being apparently given by Ailwyn, the founder of the abbey. The manor was held in demesne by the abbey in 1086, when 7½ hides and half a virgate of land were attached to it as well as a considerable amount of woodland. Between 1120 and 1130 Abbot Reginald granted it with lands in Great Raveley, Luddington and Gidding, to Henry le Moyne in fee farm at a rent of £4 a year. His successors, however performed the military service due and held Sawtry Moyne and Luddington as one knights fee.

In 1278 Sir William le Moyne also paid an annual rent of 40s. to the abbey and it was probably this rent which appears as still received from the manor in 1510-11.

The church of (All Saints) was mentioned in 1086 and was confirmed to the abbey by Pope Alexander Ш in 1178.

In the Domesday Book, the agarian holdings for Ramsey Abbey in 1066 was 7½ hides and 1 virgate, the value of the estates was £4, rising to ? in 1140 and 40s. in 1201. (Ref 25)