St Mary’s Church Godmanchester

Hear are some photos of the stone that came from Ramsey Abbey, when Richard Cromwell sold off the Abbey stone.

It  shows the West door of St Mary’s, which is an original door from Ramsey Abbey re-built into the Tower. Above it it shows the Fluer de Lys a symbol of the Virgin Mary.  Ramsey Abbey was dedicated to Our Lady, St Benedict and all Holy Virgins. Two of the misericords depict the fluer de lys, which is the symbol of Our Lady, so it is particularly fitting that they should find their way to a church also dedicated to St Mary.


To the left, is the Photo of the Chancel at St Mary’s,  it  shows you the screen, and  either side you can just see the Misericords from Ramsey Abbey.

The Spire shown on the right is completely built from stone taken from the Abbey.