Stowe Hundred

The Abbot of Ramsey holds 1 hide in Bourn (Brone);

2 men-at-arms hold from him. Land for 1 plough.
2 smallholders.
Meadow for 1 plough.
The value is and always was 10s.
It lies and always lay (the lands of) St. Benedict’s Church Ramsey; it is an outlier of Longstowe.


Manor in Longstowe (Stov)

Guy holds 2 hides under the Abbot. Land for 5 ploughs.
In Lordship 2 ploughs;
5 villagers and 6 smallholders with 3 ploughs.
1 cottager;
meadow for 2 ploughs; pasture for the village livestock; wood for fences and houses.
In total, value 50s; when acquired £4; before 1066 £6.
This manor lies and lay in the lordship of St. Benedicts’s Church Ramsey.