The Knights of Ramsey

The names of six of the Knights of Ramsey Abbey were; TOKI, LEOFWINE, BRICHMAR, OSBERN, WLWINE, and LEIWULF who , about the year 1055 accompanied Abbot Aelfwine (Alfwen) to arbitration which determined the boundaries in the fens between Ramsey and Thorney (Ramsey Cartulary 1 188 36)

The transcripts do not preserve the original forms but there is no reason to doubt the authenticity of the document ( Harmer, Anglo Saxon writs pp. 253-6)

In about 1066 Ramsey Abbey was successful in limiting its obligation to provide four Knights for the Kings service although its lands had been assessed at over 300 hides. In the closing years of the 11th c Abbot Aldwin was released from the obligation to bring a retinue of Knights with him whenever he attended the King’s court on the principal feast days.