The Abbey Layout according to Dickinson 1967

Previously published in Archaeological Journal 1967. Reproduced by kind permission of the Royal Archaeological Institute

I have made the dates more visible on this plan, in the original supplied by Dickinson they are not so clear. The dates are approximate and come from the book called ‘A History of Ramsey’ by William Page and Sister Elspeth. I have added the Apse end myself, which is not on Dickinsons plan, this is only an idea of mine after looking, below,  at Thorney and Crowland Abbey plans, which both have Apse ends.  Ely also had an Apse end allowed for, the foundations show that it should have been round, but in fact was made square. This seems to indicate architecturally that this was the style of the day. I may be totally wrong!

Conjectural Ramsey Abbey Layout ?

Crowland Abbey Layout

Crowland Abbey floor plan

Thorney Abbey Floor Plan

Thorney Abbey floor plan