St Peter's Church Upwood
Upwood Manor house as it is now, probably built on the site of the original Manor House

Upwood Manor, originally the property of Ailwyn’s Mother Alfwen, given to her by King Edgar, was passed on to her son Ailwyn as a gift.
When Ailwyn founded Ramsey Abbey with Oswald, he bequeathed Upwood as well as numerous other quantities of land to the Abbey. Although during Ailwyn’s lifetime he kept his own Hall and household at Upwood , where he could hunt, fowl, and hawk among the woods and fen marshes.
In 1086 the Domesday Book lists Ramsey Abbey’s agrarian holdings as 10 hides, the value of the estates was £10, £8-6s in 1095, £10 in 1140 and £25-1s-4d in 1170.

The manor of Upwood was confirmed to Ramsey Abbey by Pope Alexander in 1178.

At the time of the Domesday Survey, (1086) Great Raveley had not been formed, it was part of Upwood.

W.M. Noble 1911 states; Here was the seat of Duke Ailwyn, founder of Ramsey Abbey (969), who gave his manor house to the Abbey at his death. The present manor house doubtless stands upon the same site. (Ref 25)