Warlick House Map

The site of the early house is about two miles NE of Ramsey and here you can see the remains of a moat near the modern farmhouse. Sited upon one of the islets of the fens, the enclosure is an irregular quadrangle averaging about 460ft by 440ft. The moat is weak at the N.W. corner, but in all other parts, is still in good condition, but is dry. On the S. and S.E. there is a bank outside the moat and on about half of the N. side is there is one inside. On the S.W. side, what at first sight appears to be a bank seems really to be a roadway with the moat on one side and a strong ditch on the other. At the W. corner of the moat an ancient road entered the enclosure, presumably by a drawbridge, and it can be traced to about the middle of the site.