Wistow Court Rolls

From the Court Rolls of Ramsey Abbey Concerning Wistow


Aids on St John Baptist’s day were 6s 9d; Hensylver, 23s 5d; Wethersylver,3s 4d; underwood and oaks sold for 57s 6d; bark for 1s 3d; three fleeces and one sheepskin, 9d; peacocks tails, 9d; apples, 6d; a weakly steer, 3s 11d; a bullock and 2 weakly cows, 27s 6d; a calf, 6d.

For 5 kids, 4 pheasants, .. geese, 60 fowls and 40 chickens in all, 22s 9d.

For 1 horse and 3 oxen, 35s 3d

For making charcoal 2s

For grinding 11 score and 14 rings of wheat and 10 score and 7 rings of oats, 26s 3d

Iron, wood and c for one mill and wages of carpenters and others, 71s 1½d

The total wheat raised on Manor Farm is given , in this year, as 380 rings and 2 bushels, barley 226 rings 2 bushels, oats 444 rings 1 bushel, of this 75 rings 3 bushels of wheat, 38 rings of barley and 168 rings of oats were saved for seed. Besides the above there were 71 rings 2 bushels of beans.

The cows numbered 16, bullocks 19, of which one was sent to the Monastery at Ramsey, as a contribution towards the viands provided for the guests and other persons at the installation of the Abbot William, one was sold, and one was given to the cowherd, 3 others were bought so that the number was still 19, there was one bull, 3 steers (2 years old), and 9 calves, of which two were sold.


At a view of Frank Pledge, held at Wystowe on the Thursday after the feast of All Saints, before William de Wassingle (Washingley), seneschal of the Abbey, the Jurors were

Godrid the Smith,                 Thomas in the Corner
Robert, son of Thomas,      The Smith Roger lawe
William Waryn,                     Robert the Fleming
John at the gate,                 Richard at the Spring
Robert Jewel,                      Walter Gernoun
Radulph Keyse,                  John Long

Adam le Akerman was fined 6d for not coming to the Court as a Juror; Robert Crane and Robert le Rede, of Wistow, say that Alice Hankin continues selling beer to the value of a penny without a licence, fined 1s 6d; Ueva Baroun, fined 2s for the like offence; Emma Pilche, of Wardeboys, for brewing at Wystowe, fined 6d.

The Jurors are agreed that William the Miller has not taken proper care of Sarra Laveroce’s corn to her loss to the value of 2d, fined 6d.

The Propositus and Bedell are ordered to levy tolls on all persons crossing the ploughed land of the Abbot at ‘Clayhit’

The customary tenants of Wystowe and Little Raveley neglected to do their ploughing for the Abbot in the week next after the Nativity of the Blessed Mary (September 8th), and they claim that they are not required to do it then, but it is clear from preceding “view” that they are, and they were then told, that they must work accordingly to the Register which they have not done, fined 2s.

The Jurors find that Alice Baronn has dug the King’s Highway by her own door, fined 6d.

Thomas son of Thomas Randolph, for the like offence at the top of the town, fined 3d.

That Robert King knocks at his neighbours’ windows at night. Ordered to desist.

That Alice Bole carried off some of her neighbours’ corn at harvest time, fined 3d.

That Matthew Pellipar (fellmonger), rescued his son, who was in custody for stealing corn, fined 3d.

That William, the Miller, has a boy named Ralph at the Mill, who is no use either to the Abbot or the villagers. The Miller is to be warned.

Thomas Keyse pays 2 capons for leave to remain at Bramton; Robert Belaurite one capon for a butchers licence; Matthew, the fellmonger 2d a year, and John Gilbe, the tanner, 4d for licence.

Twelve Jurors for concealing the fact that, Ivo (John), son of Walter Jordan, had escaped from custody, add Nicholas Baronn, who drew blood from William Lawe, junior, and because they falsely represented that Alan Cook had assaulted Alexander Fere and Stephen Bonebroke at Raveley Mill, were fined 6s 8d.

Cristina, daughter of John Fere, is to pay 2s for marriage licence, Surety, Stephen Catelyne.


The Prepositus was Stephen Catelyne.

That there were sold to Nicholas le Cowhide and Thomas Hewry 26 pigs for 70s.

To Henry le Daye 20 pigs for 50s.

One Bullock was sold for 20s.

12 pigs to the Cellarer for 40s.

120 pigeons at 4 a penny 2s 6d.


Stephen Catelyne was succeeded as Prepositus by Thomas Laverock who held the office into the Great Famine ” years, which began in 1316


In which year 2 bushels of peas sold for 3s.

16 rings (4qrs), at Easter, for £4. 16s.

But 2 rings and 2 bushels were sold by the Lord Abbot to the poor of the village, for 4s a ring instead of 6s, also 4 rings on St Benedict’s day 32s.

The tenants of the Abbey Lands are

Robert le Rede who pays – 40s for half a virgate.

John son of John Aspalon – 40s for half a virgate formerly belonging to Ranulf Smith or faber.

John Laverock – 40s for one virgate, formerly his father’s.

Mary wife of William le Palmer by inheritance 2s 6d.

Emma Laverock – 2s 6d

The Wife of Ranulf Lawe – 1s 3d

John Atte Wille – 10s one virgate formerly John Laverock’s

Thomas Atte Church – 3s one cotland, formerly held by William atte Church