The manor later known as Greys Manor, can be traced back to the gift from Hardecnut and his mother Aelfgiva or Emma, to Ramsey Abbey of Hemingford Grey and 5 hides at Yelling.

Both were leased by the abbey in 1041-2 to Wlfwin son Alfwin for life. Apparently after the death of Wilfwin the lands were granted for life to Aluric the sheriff who was killed at the Battle of Hastings, when instead of reverting to Ramsey Abbey they were seized by William the Conqueror and given to Aubrey de Vere or were seized by Aubrey himself.

The Domesday Book lists in 1066 the agrarian holdings of Ramsey Abbey at Yelling as 5 hides, the value of the estates was £4 and by 1140 it had risen to £6. (Ref 25)